An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act wanted to create reports looking at the military and police for white supremacist’s and neo-nazi activity. It narrowly passed the House. Thoughts?

From this source:

The measure would require that FBI director, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the secretary of Defense secretary publish a report analyzing White supremacist and neo-Nazi activity within their ranks, and presenting ways to thwart it.

It specifically calls for figures on the number of people who were discharged from uniformed services or law enforcement because of situations involving White supremacy and neo-Nazi activity.

Additionally, the amendment mandates that the report includes information on how the agency leaders responded to “planned or effectuated incidents” connected to White supremacist and neo-Nazi ideology.

The report, which would be expected no more than 180 days after the NDAA is enacted, would be submitted to congressional committees, and unclassified portions would be made public.

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