Another round of Ask Non-Supporters!

Greetings AskTrumpSupporters!

It’s that special time again when we turn our attention to seeking out the thoughts of Non-Supporters here in the sub! Last time went pretty well, and the time before that etc… so let’s keep that trend!

As far as how rules are applied, Undecideds and NSs are equal. Any TS question may be answered by NSs or Undecideds.

Rule 1 is very much in effect. Everyone please be courteous and respectful.

Rule 2 is as well, but must be in the form of a question. No meta as usual. No “askusations” or being derogatory in any perceivable fashion. Ask in the style of posts that get approved here.

Rule 3 is reversed, but with the same parameters/exceptions. That’s right TSs…. every comment MUST contain an inquisitive, non leading, non accusatory question should you choose to participate. No jokes or sarcastic questions please.

Note, we all understand that this is a fun idea for the sub but automod may not. If you get an auto reply from toaster, ignore for a bit. Odds are we will see it and remedy. This post will be heavily moderated. If you question anything about these parameters, please send a modmail.

This thread would not be here without your suggestions in the meta. We loved reading the last one and are very excited about this one. So, thank you. And with that…ask away!

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