Arizona has made it illegal to record police within 8 feet of law enforcement activity. Do you agree?

A new law in Arizona makes it illegal to record law enforcement activity within 8 feet of where the activity is occuring.

The sponsor of the bill wrote an op-ed where he described his reasoning for the law and changes made in response to criticism.

Changes made:

  1. The bill originally would have made it illegal at 15 feet but was changed to 8 feet
  2. Originally, the bill criminalized a subject of police action from recording their own encounter but was ammended to make an exception
  3. Originally the bill criminalized occupants of a motor vehicle from recording a police encounter with the driver, but was ammended after criticism.
  4. Originally the bill criminalized recording any activity by police whatsoever within the stated distance – when told by lawyers this would be unconstitutional, the bill was ammended to criminalize the recording of activity with a “potential of violence” such as arrests or “questioning suspicious persons”

The primary argument for this bill is stated as:

…there are groups hostile to the police that follow them around to videotape police incidents, and they get dangerously close to potentially violent encounters.

The primary response given to critics is that modern cameras are capable of providing enough detail with a zoom feature and that it is “unreasonable” to be any closer.

  1. Do you agree that it should be illegal to record police activity in close range?
  2. Would you have supported the original bill without the ammendments made in response to criticism?
  3. Do you think there should be even more restrictions on recording police activity than put forth by either the original or ammended bill?

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