ATS Election Season Rules Reminder

With the election approaching, and the expectation of ATS gaining some fresh members, we decided to take a few minutes to clarify some of the most commonly discussed questions and issues we run into as mods here at ATS.

First off, the majority of the issues and questions we run into can be answered in our Wiki, here:

The rules of this sub, the posting guidelines, everything is there.

How to Participate

There are two types of flair: user flair, and post flair. You need user flair to participate in any capacity on ATS, including making comments to any thread. User flair options are located on the right sidebar under Community Options on PC. On mobile apps it is more difficult if not impossible, so feel free to shoot us a modmail if you’re having difficulty (including the flair you would like) and one of us can set it for you!

Link to Modmail

There are only three user flair options: Trump Supporter, Non Supporter, and Undecided

Link to User Flair descriptions in the Wiki

Post flair is assigned to new threads during the approval process, and cannot be set by anyone other than the mod team. We get a lot of people worried about not being able to set it before submitting a new post thread. Don’t worry, we will set it during the approval process.

Minimum account age is 90 days to participate. We do not and literally cannot make exceptions, as it is built into our bot.

If you flair yourself as a TS user, please shoot us a modmail to become an approved user in order to avoid timeout issues.

New Thread Submission Issues

All new proposed threads get removed by the bot. Every single one. We get asked about this a lot.

Ones submitted by users that do not have proper user flair (see above) are never seen by us, and you’ll get a bot notification telling you what the issue is. You must resubmit any posts or comments once you’re properly flaired.

Posts from properly flaired users enter a moderation queue, that we can see. The mod team assesses each proposed thread as it enters the queue. Is it a duplicate? Does it follow the submission guidelines? Is it properly sourced? Is it unbiased? There are many factors that enter into thread approval. The majority of the post submissions we see do not meet the submission guidelines, so please read them if you’d like to submit a new topic.

If your post is selected for approval/consideration, a mod will assign appropriate flair for your post, approve the submission, and release it to ATS for users to see and comment on. If we have many approvable submissions we pace their release so as not to bury any.

Do not edit your post after approval without permission from a moderator! If your post does get approved, keep in mind that only the post as it is currently written has been approved. If you edit your post after it has been approved, we may remove the post and/or ban you for doing so.

That’s Uncivil! A Discussion of Rule 1

Many new users read only the title of Rule 1 and think that all comments on ATS have to be civil. They do not.

Rule 1: Be civil and sincere in all interactions and assume the same of others.

When a TS user is answering a question, they can hold any number of inflammatory opinions about the topic, political figure, or ideology. This is a Q&A subreddit for Trump Supporters- we are literally asking for TS opinions. However, if a user decides to directly insult another user, that breaks Rule 1.

Example 1:

Question: What do you think about Democrats?

  • “All democrats are fucking stupid! They are traitors!”

This answer does not break Rule 1. If you find it offensive, there’s nothing we can do about that. That is their answer, and they are not singling out you, the user, even if you happen to be a Democrat. The only way this breaks Rule 1 is if it is in direct reply to a NS user sharing that they are a Democrat in the context of their clarifying question.

Example 2:

Question: What do you think about Joe Biden?

  • “He’s a fucking dick, and so are you!”

This answer does break Rule 1, because now it’s personal.

Most of the reports we receive that claim Rule 1 is being broken are incorrect, and consequently ignored. You may see many answers you disagree with, and believe are impolite- and that’s ok. However, unless someone is targeting you, it does not break Rule 1. Attack the issues, not each other.

But I asked a question! A Discussion of Rule 3

Breaking Rule 3 is the number one reason NS users get banned in ATS, hands down. Most common comment formats that are removed:

  • NS stating an opinion and placing a question mark at the end to satisfy the bot.
    • “I disagree with you, because of my reasons X and Y?”
  • NS stating an opinion and tacking ‘thoughts?’ at the end.
    • “Well I think ________. Thoughts?”
      • This is now about your thoughts, your opinion, your view, just like the above example. This is the place to ask questions of TS users and try to understand their thoughts, opinions, views, and what may influence them.
  • Arguing, debating, convincing, teaching, opining
    • All of these things are not allowed by NS users in this Q&A subreddit. Ask an open unbiased sincere clarifying question of a TS user.
  • The clarifying question is an afterthought, after a wall of text
    • “So I was taught _________ (insert several paragraphs, sometimes many paragraphs, statements of opinion, viewpoints, sources, stances)____ and I think___(more of the same here)______. In any case, what do you think about X?”
      • This doesn’t pass muster. Just because you included a question somewhere in your comment does not mean you haven’t broken Rule 3.
      • The clarifying question needs to be the goal, the purpose, the totality of your comment. It should not be ‘included’ and it shouldn’t be an afterthought. The clarifying question should be the SOLE purpose of your comment as an NS user.
      • If you’re trying to make a point with your comment, you’re breaking Rule 3. If you’re trying to teach or convince someone with your comment, you’re breaking Rule 3. If you’re trying to correct something you believe is misinformation with your comment, you’re breaking Rule 3. Unless a TS user has asked for your thoughts on a topic, your comment should only be a clarifying question, point blank.
      • The best way to ask a clarifying question is to only frame it with necessary context as a good reporter would do. If you can’t imagine a good reporter asking someone your question during an interview, it probably needs to be cut-down greatly or re-worded.
      • It’s a Q&A for Trump Supporters. That is the entire purpose of the sub. Please remember that.

Additional Items

  • TS users can ask questions of NS users. We occasionally get reports that think that they are not allowed to do so- they are, and are encouraged to do so if they wish to discuss a topic.
    • If a TS user has asked you, a NS user, a question, the format to answer it and satisfy the bot is to quote the question asked of you including the question mark, and then answer. ***

Question asked by TS user?


  • If you wish to thank a user for a discussion, please do so without a question mark and allow the bot remove it. Copy the link to the removed thank-you comment and shoot us a modmail- we will be more than happy to approve it.
    • Do not also use this thank-you as a vehicle for your opinion. “Well I think____ but thanks for the chat” will not fly.
  • I find that offensive! Unless we suspect a user is being intentionally inflammatory to bait other users, or breaking the subreddit and/or content policy rules, TS users can answer openly- and no number of reports will remove it. This goes for ‘offensive’ usernames, and ‘foul’ language.
  • You didn’t answer my question! Please pause an re-read responses before replying- assume good-faith and realize many times the TS user truly believes they have answered your question. That said, TS users have free choice to answer a question, or not. All participation is voluntary. You cannot harass users by asking the same question over and over or pinging them with user callouts.
    • You also cannot dictate how a TS user answers a question. A user may think an article is a relevant answer, or a particular quote. Good-faith sincerity is what we’re looking for.
  • I need a source! TS users are not required to provide a source for an opinion- this is not a thesis presentation or a debate. You can ask for any sources that may influence that opinion, but they can choose not to.
  • Why isn’t that user banned too? What actions will you take against them? The mod team will never discuss actions taken against another user. Every action is handled individually and will typically include context in the conversation, history in ATS, modmail discussion with the user, and past actions taken against that user.
    • Do not use other comments as a guideline for what is acceptable. The mod team primarily works off of reports. Thus, not all rule violations will be caught. Just because another comment or comments with similar rule violations were left up does not mean that they were okay. It’s like speeding – “Everyone else is doing it!” is not a valid defense.
    • If you do get banned or a comment removal warning, sincere communication with the mod team goes a long way. Please remember we are all adult volunteers, with jobs and families, trying to make time to fairly moderate this sub when we can. Less is more.

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