Couy Griffin was removed by a judge in New Mexico invoking the 14th Amendment insurrection clause. Thoguhts?

Couy Griffin, a Otero County commissioner, was removed by a New Mexico judge using the 14th Amendment’s prohibition on those who engaged in insurrection from serving in office.

Griffin was convicted of trespassing (14 days in jail and $3000 fine) at the Capitol on Jan 6. He was barred from holding public office for life (unless overturned or an Act of congress)

According to the article,

“The judge in the case, District Judge Francis J. Mathew, was unsparing in ruling that Griffin is disqualified from office. He acknowledged that Griffin was not criminally convicted of insurrection and there is no evidence that Griffin engaged in violence himself. But he found that Griffin’s actions met the standard set forth by the 14th Amendment, citing Griffin’s violent rhetoric and evidence of his actions at the Capitol.”


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