Do you believe some amount of minor sacrifice is necessary to preserve America’s bio-diversity, water, and natural landscapes?

If regulations are not the answer in your opinion, do you believe personal sacrifices in everyday life is needed to retain and restore America’s natural environment? By personal sacrifice, I’m talking about measures that do not overly impact your overall lifestyle. E.g. Water conservation and water re-use, switching to native plant gardens, growing some of your own food and using grey water irrigation, growing bee-friendly plants and gardens, reducing meat consumption, buying from local growers, purchasing used products (garage sales, Goodwill, Craigslist, etc.), using re-usable shopping bags, using re-usable water bottles (Nalgenes, etc.), supporting conservation non-profits, reducing your property’s light and noise pollution, etc.?

If you believe the onus to conserve should be on the consumer and individual, rather than the government and taxpayers, what measures are you taking?

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