Do you think it’s possible to actually hold politicians accountable for alleged wrongdoing?

After the search of former President Trump’s home on Monday we’ve seen a huge amount of the GOP establishment come out in the former President’s defense.

As of the time I write this we still have almost zero actual understanding of the basis for the search so everything everyone is saying is pure speculation. In the last 5 days we’ve seen the GOP lawmakers and supporters compare the GOP to the Gestapo, call for it’s disillusion, and have even seen the former President imply that the FBI was planting evidence against him.

At the same time there is reporting (again, speculation and backed by anonymous sources) that the reason for the search was that the President had, after multiple attempts including a subpoena, failed to return highly sensitive documents that he was not entitled to have and that those documents being in his possession represented a thread to the United States national security.

Now, to be clear, none of us know the facts. They haven’t been made public.

My concern is that in light of the fact that none of us know the facts that we are seeing such a rabid defense of the President to the point of accusing the FBI of gross misconduct and comparing them to the likes of the Nazi Secret Police.

This seems like an inevitable conclusion though where we have become so politically divided that any investigation or action taken against a politician is going to be seen, by some, as politically motivated and decried as a political attack.

At the same time, we live in a society where, in theory, no one is above the law which includes political figures.

So, how do we go about investigating potential wrong doing by people who are involved in politics? Is there a way we can do this or should we basically just say “It’s going to be seen as an attack if we do this so they should for all intents and purposes be above the law”?

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