Do you vote for who you want, or in opposition of the opponent?

The two party system has an issue where two candidates are chosen from opposing parties to represent their side. The problem with that is the views and values were always usually very different from each other, but in the past decade or so that problem became exacerbated as things have only gotten more extreme with the divide. I asked some other left friends of mine and found that nearly all of them didn’t have a candidate they felt like represented their beliefs and goals for politics. So whenever it came time to vote, they didn’t vote for a candidate because they agree with them, but to make sure their opponent didn’t win. Because the opposite side’s political agenda was so antagonistic to their own beliefs, their motivation for voting became making sure “the other side” didn’t win over anything else. I was curious if those of you who vote are under the same pretenses? Do you find yourself having a candidate that you feel represents what you want when elections come around?

To sum up my observation into some question;

  1. Do you frequently find yourself voting for a candidate because you like them? (If so is the most important thing their political agenda, their personality, etc.) Or are you voting for someone primarily to assure their opponent doesn’t win?

  2. How do you feel about a ranked choice voting system? Would you want something like this implemented on a larger scale? If no, what are some of your concerns about it?

  3. Do you think the growing divide in this country is a result of the 2 party system, or was it bound to happen and the 2 party system is how it’s chosen to present itself the easiest?

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