Donald Trump: The Man Who Doesn’t Lose

All over the internet, MAGA superstars like you are shriveling faster than Bernie Sander’s dick when asked to split a check at an Applebee’s. Cuckservatives are already jerking off over the prospect of Biden resuming bombing the Middle East and deploying your sons to Afghanistan to die while he accepts millions of dollars and dozens of schoolgirls in kickbacks.

Apparently everyone has forgotten the most important thing about Donald Trump: THIS MAN DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO LOSE. Losing isn’t even in Trump’s vocabulary. In fact, sources close to Trump say that he had all of the White House dictionaries edited to replace the word LOSE with Hillary Clinton. (Side note: the word RAPIST was replaced with Bill Clinton.)

So you’ve got two choices. You can gobble down communist propaganda from the MSM like you’re Kamala Harris at a sperm bank. You can believe Reddit and Twitter, which China has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into. You can let Jack Dorsey fuck your wife. You can neatly package your balls and mail them to a feminist liberal with hairy armpits, neon hair, and venereal disease. If that’s the route you want to go down, then start the soy infusion right now, because you never understood the MAGA movement to begin with.

Or you can remember that Donald Trump is the smartest man in the entire fucking universe, and the most important person to walk this earth since Jesus Christ. You can remember all the million times when it looked like things were over, yet Trump managed to pull out a victory from the jaws of defeat. If Trump were to see you wringing your hands and weeping over a potential Pedo Joe presidency, he’d think so low of you that he wouldn’t even deign you with a Sad! tweet.

There’s a reason Donald Trump hasn’t conceded the election. That’s because he knows he’s going to win. We’ve seen him in action enough in the past 5 years that we shouldn’t lose our trust.

I feel like the swamp has belched out a swarm of mosquitoes which are sucking the life out of my fellow patriots. If you want to succumb, then lie face-down in the mud and we’ll come back to revive your desiccated corpse with an infusion of 100% MAGA Energy. Then, you can tell your grandchildren how you floundered when the weight of uncertainty was on your shoulders instead of standing tall and manning the meme cannons.

Men don’t flinch in the face of evil. Trump never has. Neither should you.

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