First Presidential Debate – Tuesday 09/29

CNN: First Trump-Biden debate to focus on Supreme Court, coronavirus and race

The first presidential debate, slated for September 29 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, will be broken into six 15-minutes segments.The commission said that the topics are subject to change based on “news developments,” but the six segments will be “The Trump and Biden Records,” “The Supreme Court,” “Covid-19,” “The Economy,” “Race and Violence in our Cities” and “The Integrity of the Election”.

Fox News: How to watch Fox News coverage of the first Trump-Biden debate in Ohio

The debate will be aired live on Fox News Channel, FOX Business Network and Fox News Radio. It will be livestreamed for free without authentication at and in the Fox News app.The night will be divided up into six 15-minute-long segments, each dedicated to one topic, picked by moderator Chris Wallace and approved by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates. The showdown will run for approximately 90 minutes without any interruption.

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