Harris County is seeing record turnout, along with the rest of Texas. It has tripled the number of early voting locations. Thoughts on making voting more accessible?


In 2016, under Republican leadership, Harris County spent about $4 million to administer the elections. After Democrats took control of every countywide office, officials increased the election budget to a staggering $31 million this year.

That’s allowed election officials to triple the number of early-voting sites in the county of 4.7 million residents. They vastly expanded voting hours so residents like Martinez could come after work. During the final days of early voting, some locations will be open 24 hours. And officials also opened 10 drive-thru voting sites across the county, making it possible for residents worried about the coronavirus to cast ballots from the safety of their cars.

“What we’re seeing is, when you build it they come,” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, the county’s top elected official, who is the first woman and the first Latina to hold the job. “We’ve learned that we can’t blame the historic lack of participation on the voters themselves. It’s been these obstacles.”

Thoughts on the Democrat-led efforts to make voting more accesisble?

Is $31 a reasonable election budget? What is a reasonable budget?

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