How do you feel about Jon Gruden resigning as head coach from the Las Vegas Raiders?

In lieu of a trove of emails obtained by both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, Coach Gruden’s choice of language surfaced as a result of an NFL investigation into workplace misconduct of the Washington Football Team (WFT) and former executive Bruce Allen.

As a result, these emails became known to the public and Coach Gruden promptly resigned. With regards to example questions:

-Do you believe Gruden should have resigned?

-Is it proper for sensitive information (emails, text messages, phone calls) to be publicly disclosed, especially in the case of a harassment/discrimination/workplace environment investigation? Should these emails have been sorted internally and presented to the NFL board and the Raiders Organization? How would the outcome be different? Is there any nuance here?

-Do you consider this to be in the same vein of ‘cancel culture?’ Why or why not?

-Any other nuanced views/takes?

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