How do you feel about the Army reconsidering purple heart commendations for the Iranian attack Trump downplayed?

Army considers more Purple Hearts for troops injured in Iranian attack Trump downplayed

The Army is evaluating whether dozens of additional U.S. troops merit recognition for brain injuries suffered in an Iranian ballistic missile strike in Iraq nearly two years ago, defense officials said Thursday, a move underscoring that one of the most significant foreign policy crises of Donald Trump’s presidency was more severe than he and other U.S. officials acknowledged at the time.

Trump responded to the lack of American fatalities by declaring on Twitter that “All is well!” A few days later, he said that some of the troops involved had “headaches” but that the situation was “not very serious,” prompting a rebuke from veterans groups.

Trump downplays service members’ concussion injuries from Iranian attack: ‘I heard they had headaches’

The commander in chief continued, “I don’t consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries that I’ve seen.”

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