How do you feel about the Sandy Hook parents suing Alex Jones?

Alex Jones is being sued by the Sandy Hook victims families because he stated on his show that the shooting wasn’t real and the victims were in fact crisis actors. Because of this the families of those slain children have been harassed, received death threats, and in some cases had to move to get away from his listeners who believe him.

Are the parents doing the right by suing Alex Jones for spreading this false information about this shooting?

Do you believe the Sandy Hook shooting was fake and used crisis actors?

Jones offered a settlement of $120,000 per family, which was rejected by the plaintiffs, a week after he claimed he was too sick to go to the deposition.

How do you feel about the families rejecting the offer?

If you were in the shoes of one of those parents that lost their children, how would react to Alex Jones saying those things about shooting and the victims? Would you want to sue him too if you were getting harassed and death threats by his listeners?

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