How Do You Feel About These Supreme Court Decisions Moving Forward?

Obviously the makeup of the Supreme Court has changed dramatically over the last few years and, if recent signals are to be believed, we are looking at some possible changes to long held precedents. In each of the following cases, the Supreme Court decision granted or affirmed rights that were not necessarily passed by Congress or explicitly enumerated in the Constitution.

Most pressingly, we are looking at an upcoming ruling (Dobbs v. Jackson) pertaining to a law passed in Mississippi that has a chance to significantly alter the rulings of Roe v. Wade and PP v. Casey.

I’m interesting in seeing how Trump Supporters feel about the potential ruling above, and others that could be up for significant changes depending on how the next few sessions play out. Namely:

  1. Obergefell v Hodges: This ruling affirmed the right to same sex marriage.
  2. Griswold v. Connecticut: This ruling affirmed the right to birth control for married couples and also affirmed the right to medical privacy concerning reproductive decisions.
  3. Loving v. Virginia: This ruling affirmed that interracial marriage is a protected right.

How do you feel about each of these rulings, and do you support the Court keeping them or overturning them?

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