How involved are you in your child’s education?

follow up Q’s

  1. How involved are you? How involved is your spouse? Are there any disparities, and why? (if you can include weather your the husband or the wife answering this that would be useful)
  2. Do you / your spouse homeschool, private school (type / general description), or public school?
  3. Are there any subjects that you deviate from what’s being currently taught in most schools ( history, science, biology, evolution, etc.)? Why? How if they are in a school that doesn’t align with your viewpoint on the said subject, do you inform your children of your perspective?
  4. If there is a problem with your kid grasping a concept, how do you address it? Do you believe it to be mostly the teacher’s problem, your spouse’s problem, or your problem?
  5. How do you enhance your child’s education?
  6. What future do you want for your child? do they have the aptitude for it? how are you preparing them for it? what you do if they didn’t follow your aspirations?

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