How much does the recent polarization threaten our democracy?

The NY times has an interesting piece today on the polarization occurring in our nation and how itmay be the biggest risk to our democracy:

To what degree would you agree or disagree with the assessment, without trying to cast blame on one party or the other?

This comes on the heels of a number of news reports about Russia pundits predicting an all out attempt by Russia to influence future US elections, such as Malek Dudakov comment:

There is a horrific polarization of society in the United States, very serious conflicts between the Democrats and Republicans that keep expanding. You’ve already mentioned that America is a dying empire—and most empires weren’t conquered, they were destroyed from within. The same fate likely awaits America in the near-decade. That’s why, when all the processes are thawed, Russia might get the chance to play on that.

Do you think there’s merit to these views? Especially how it relates to the the NY Times article?
And finally, the NYT piece goes on with some depressing views by some that there is no feasible solution to the current crisis. Do you agree? is there anything that you feel could right this ship?

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