How much reflection do you engage in on positions you’ve had, actions you’ve done, things you’ve said?

I’ve been thinking about an insult that I frequently see levied from conservatives… The whole comeback, “what’s it like for [me or Trump, etc.] to live rent-free in your head?” Granted I see it occasionally on the left but not nearly to the extent (and it may be a retributive use; i.e., dishing back what was dished out)

Coming from the perspective of a social democrat as a part of the Democratic coalition, I confess I do think about such confrontation or discussions quite a bit; I introspect heavily on the positions I take and I very much hate being wrong. I don’t lie—ever. I don’t like being wrong, so I am very very cautious with what I say… Rather than “fake it ’til you make it” in the occurrence of being wrong, I am very hard on myself if I find myself found in a clear wrong. I try to routinely reflect on the notion of, “What precautions am I taking to ensure I’m not just conforming to my own confirmation-bias and falling to the same level of echo-chamber indoctrination?”

So to add clarification on what I’m trying to ask: When you argue with someone either about something political or non-political—whether they’re family or not—how much do you revisit that discussion in your head and mull over what you said and what they said?

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