How will Judge Linda Parker’s 110 page Order against the “Kraken” lawyers influence beliefs related to that lawsuit, and larger claims of election fraud?

Opinion and Order in King v. Whitmer, Civil Case No. 20-13134

How do you expect this ruling to influence beliefs related to the “Kraken” Lawsuit, and the broader claims of election fraud?

Plaintiffs alleged that a “software weakness” in Dominion machines “upended Michigan’s election results,” knowing that the “two instances of errors [to which Plaintiffs cite]—one in Antrim County and one in Oakland County (Rochester Hills)”—did not constitute evidentiary support for the allegation (id. at Pg ID 3647-49);

Does this change your view of Dominion, and the Kraken case against them?

Plaintiffs “intentional[ly] lie[d]” by filing the partially redacted declaration of “Spider”—who Plaintiffs identified as “a former US Military Intelligence expert” and “former electronic intelligence analyst with the 305th Military Intelligence”—which was signed by Joshua Merritt, who never completed the entry-level training course at the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion and is not an intelligence analyst (id. at Pg ID 3651-52 (citing Am. Compl. at ¶¶ 17, 161));

Does this change your view on the “experts” relied upon by Lin Wood and Sidney Powell?

Plaintiffs’ lawyers argue that no attorney can be sanctioned whose name appeared only in typewritten form; that no attorney besides Plaintiffs’ local counsel has appeared or signed a document filed in this matter; and that the Court lacks jurisdiction to sanction any attorney who did not personally appear or sign a document filed in this matter. (ECF No. 95 at Pg ID 4116-18.) Yet, the local attorneys assert that, although they signed the filings, they did not prepare them and thus should not be responsible for them. (See ECF No. 157 at Pg ID 5322-24, 5359, 5523; ECF No. 111-1 at Pg ID 4597 ⁋⁋ 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 15.) As such, no attorney wants to take responsibility now that sanctions are sought for filing this lawsuit.

What does this say about the degree to which the lawyers were invested in this lawsuit? Did they believe their claims?

This one is a bit longer:

Wood then denied being served with the motion for sanctions and stated that he was present only at the hearing because the Court required him to be there. (Id.) According to Wood, he only discovered that he had been included as counsel for Plaintiffs in this matter when he saw a newspaper article about the sanctions motion: “I didn’t receive any notice about this until I saw something in the newspaper about being sanctioned.” (Id. at Pg ID 5362, 5366 (emphasis added).)


More importantly, Wood’s social media postings undermine his current assertions, as do his statements in other court proceedings. As discussed during the July 12 hearing, on the day the City e-mailed copies of the Safe Harbor Letter and Safe Harbor Motion to Plaintiffs’ counsel, Wood tweeted a link to an article containing a copy of the motion, stating “[w]hen you get falsely accused by the likes of David Fink and Mark Elias . . . in a propaganda rag like Law & Crime, you smile because you know you are over the target and the enemy is runningscared [sic]!” (ECF No. 164-6 at Pg ID 6424; ECF No. 157 at Pg ID 5369-70.) On January 5, 2021, the day the City filed the motion, Wood tweeted a link to an article with the motion, stating that it was “unfair” for the City to seek sanctions against him. (ECF No. 164-7 at Pg ID 6426.) In a federal courtroom in the Eastern District of New York on January 11, Wood acknowledged that the City was “trying to get [him] disbarred.” (ECF No. 164-12 at Pg ID 6506.)

Even more importantly, prior to the July 12 hearing, Wood took credit for filing this lawsuit. In a brief submitted in the Delaware Supreme Court, Wood claimed, through his counsel:

What are your thoughts on Lin Wood, in light of these facts?

The Court finds that Plaintiffs’ counsel unreasonably and vexatiously multiplied the proceedings in this case and their arguments to the contrary are unavailing.

Overall, what are your thoughts on the 110 page Order?

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