If Democrats decided to make a compromise and make abortion illegal, would you be open to the government offering more assistance making easier on the lives new parents?

A team of medical professionals (ObGyn, Pediatricians, maybe midwife’s) decide when it is generally possible for a fetus to survive without the mother. The Democrats compromise that after that time in a pregnancy, abortions are no longer allowed. (Except for a risk to the mother or other things along those lines).

In exchange Republicans offer to provide extra assistance to families with children. Like:

  1. Reinstating the monthly child tax credit with roughly the same guidelines we had before.

  2. Making all forms of contraceptive free, regardless of insurance.

  3. Requiring that schools teach more than just abstinence only sex education. To all high school students

  4. Reworking FMLA to cover 100% of wages for up to 6 months for parental leave. With no elimination period. (Maybe even offer insensitive so that the employer would pay 50% and FMLA would pay 50%)

  5. All children have free health coverage for the first 2 years.

  6. Changing the daycare tax credit to where the parents get back 100%. (To keep daycares from jacking up the price require them to spend a large portion of profit on teachers and children. If they don’t then their parents don’t get the tax credit and are free to choose another daycare. This way daycares that don’t want to follow the pay requirements are still allowed to stay open and operating as a daycare they just can’t offer their patrons the tax credits.)

Would these six things be acceptable, would you like to see more or less? Would you like to see more compromise from the Democrats.

The way we would pay for this, perhaps begin taxing Political Action Committees at say 75% of every dollar donated. It could be framed as “when you spend $4 on your preferred political candidate $3 goes to American children’s futures”. Then run full 3rd party audits of other federal departments to identify wasteful spending. Use the money saved from that to pay for these programs.

I’m not stupid, I know politicians would never go for this because of the PAC money. And the idea of an audit would never fly either.

Edit: I’ve realized that PACs don’t make nearly as much money as I thought. I still like the idea of taxing them thought

But is it that bad?

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