In hindsight what do you think about all of the drama and revelations around Trumps tax returns?

As we all know Trump said he will release his tax returns when he is not under audit and then reneged.

This was a massive point of contention among the democrats who repeatedly attacked him for it and started a number of court cases in order to get them. The arguments were:

Why Trump’s tax returns are so important: This week in impeachment

Trump wants to change American foreign policy towards Russia. Trump wants to make the American presidency stronger, more like a dictatorship. Trump is the victim of Russian “Kompromat,” a term for compromising material used for blackmail or extortion. Trump is or has been financially dependent on Russian financing for his business empire. 

Basically it all boiled down to: Does Trump receive money from the Russians and is he bought by them.

Right before the 2020 election NYT “obtained” somehow Trumps tax returns and wrote this article for 20 years :

Ultimately just showing that he sustained a very significant loss on his casino effort which carried forward a few years in which he paid no taxes.

This was deemed insufficient to close the matter and democrats continued the ongoing litigations to get the tax returns after he became president.

Culminating in the house WaM committe getting them recently.

Immediately after they received them they made them public confirming what Trumps lawyers argued in the courts cases. Ultimately finding no criminality but alleging that the IRS didnt do its job as diligently as they would have liked, alleging they had only 1 person on it and he/she wasnt an ‘expert’. Also that staffing issues prevented the IRS from pursuing certain issues.

Basically from “Russia might control Trump and the tax returns will tell us” the conclusion switched to “IRS should be more thorough of its investigations”.

  • Do you now agree that Trump should have released his tax returns? Did you agree with the first goals of the audit?
  • Do you believe the results were wroth the years of court cases and battles + money?
  • Was Trumps privacy violated by the house com by releasing his tax returns to the public?
  • What in your opinion was the “valid legislative purpose” that congress followed as required by Wilkinson v. United States in order to subpoena them?

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