Is there a moral or practical difference between the US stance on Ukraine and Yemen?

We are all aware of the situation in Ukraine: Russia invaded allegedly because it doesnt want Ukraine to join NATO. Thousands of people dead for the 2weeks+ of war already. A few major cities are fully sieged and have concerns about possible famines (Mariupol). US provides full support to Ukraine stopping only at actual NATO boots on the ground fighting against Russia. A massive supply of MANPADs and NLAWs have been provided to Ukraine. An enormous amount of sanctions have almost but completely shut off Russia from western markets. In the most recent move hte US is about to provide also 600 Switchlades to Ukraine (small suicide drones with explosive).

The civil war in Yemen broke in 2014. Its a conflict between the Shia Houtis in the country funded by Iran and the Yemeni government which is owned by the Saudis. It triggered a Saudi backed intervention that in the early days of the war was tacitly endorsed by the US during the Obama/trump administrations (usually in the form of training and military equipment but also some airstrikes).

Saudis have attempted to fight but have shown a general lack of ability to execute successful missions and have resorted to instead starve out the rebels which triggered a massive humanitarian crisis leading to about 200k dead and insurmountable number of malnourished children.

Western intervention in the region has been largely limited to preventing issues with Ships passing through the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb which is a very narrow corridor at the entrance of the red sea leading to the Suez canal. Mostly attacking Houti groups that were shooting or threatening the ships passing.

Both wars present themselves the same way: A larger state attacks a smaller state that has some separatist movement and attempts to impose a political decision on it. In both states the smaller state is objectively a victim. In both cases the aggressors have created massive amount of death toll. Yet sanctions by the west are overwhelmingly only for Russia and not for KSA. US media is overwhelmingly focused on Ukraine while avoiding Yemen for the most part. US congress never had the leader of the Houtis appealing to it. Biden while stoping the sale of most weapons to KSA has dodged the issue and stayed away from a rhetoric similar to his Russia rhetoric about Salman.

Is there a significant moral difference between the two?

Do any practical differences justify this perceived double standard?

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