Is there a serious problem with abnormal perversion in society? And if so, what actions should we take?

Hi guys,

My father always said, sometimes it doesn’t take much to ask and listen before judging.

I am a left leaning person politically and I’d wager much of my policy positions are far from the general here. As of recent I’ve found myself in heated arguments against partisans on the right side, and it seems the common narrative tends to be perversion and left wing tolerance. Examples of these include:

Balenciaga’s Controversial Teddy Shoot

Drag show controversy involving kids

Hunter Biden and deviance

Joe Biden abuse accusations

QAnon, Pizza Gate and other

I do believe without a doubt there are perverted politicians (on both sides), and any abuse should be treated with equal aggression and ridicule. I wouldn’t care if they were even close to me, it’s beyond abhorrent these crimes. In saying this, I do feel that there are many groups using this issue as some kind of political weapon and it has triggered me on a number of occasions. I feel attacked just being left wing, and I would never tolerate such a thing.

With the above said, I’m here to honestly engage and understand what I’m missing. My question is the following:

Do you believe there’s an unprecedented trend of perversion occurring within left wing political and elite circles?

Do you believe left wingers, while not all necessarily guilty, are in the least oblivious? And is woke or PC culture the cause?

And finally, what actions should we be taking? Do we institute stricter laws? Should left wingers reassess how far their tolerance for, say, porn and deviancy has gone? Should we scrutinize schools more? How do we further inform kids or adults from ever finding themselves in this situation?

What am I missing here. By all means, have a crack at me. I’m here to listen, and clarify. Happy to answer related OP questions too. Thanks.

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