IT’S TIME! – January 5th & 6th Rallies in D.C.! Contact your Representatives NOW! Stop The Steal!

Election Defense Task Force

★ Attend Trump Events in D.C. on 1/5 & 1/6

The Electoral College convenes on January 6th in Washington D.C. to count the votes and declare a winner. On this day (and on January 5th), Trump Supporters are showing up to put on the largest show of support in our nations history. We will rally and march through Washington D.C. to help encourage and support those who are making a constitutional stand to eliminate voter fraud, protect our elections, and re-elect President Donald J. Trump. Be there! Come early!

BRING SUPPLIES! The D.C. Mayor is shutting down hotels, restaurants, and other businesses and facilities. Bring as many supplies as you can, from Food and Water to Sleeping Bags and Tents.

March For Trump – Washington D.C. – January 6th

March To Save America – Washington D.C. – January 5th


★ Contact your Representatives NOW

Most important of all, contact your Elected Representatives NOW! Applying pressure to your Federal Congress Members will be essential in the Trump Campaign’s efforts in the Electoral College. Battleground states should also be calling their State Legislatures! The Trump Campaign is looking to win via a variety of means at the Electoral College, and will need our help pressuring our elected representatives to uphold the constitution. Every state has representatives that can help advance and strengthen these paths to victory, so everyone needs to contact multiple elected officials.

Instructions for who to contact as well as what topics and talking points to address are on the State Wiki pages linked here.

Battleground States: Arizona – Georgia – Michigan – Nevada – New Mexico – Pennsylvania – Wisconsin

Full State List


★ Share Fraud Information on Social Media

While the Electoral College takes place, media will be doing everything they can to censor coverage of voter fraud as they frame the unfolding events as a ploy by Republicans to overturn a legitimate election. We must do everything in our power to inform the public of the Voter Fraud we are seeking to un-do via the Electoral College, and how the election is illegitimate due to the voter fraud.

Keep in mind that at this moment the existing mainstream social media platforms still presents the most valuable way of sharing information with large audiences. Big Tech is trying to censor us at every avenue, so we must keep plugging away and pushing past that censorship with brute force in order to reach the general public. Ultimately, their censorship acts as a Streisand Effect, sending people to the very information they try to censor. We need to continue flooding the truth on fraud out on social media so that both the information and censorship can not be ignored!

Share this information across all of the top legacy Social Media platforms in the US, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc.

Fraud Information:

  • Evidence Collection
  • Here Is The Evidence
  • How Joe “won”
  • Dominion and Smartmatic Report
  • Voter Fraud Posts

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