Jared Kushner secures a $2 billion investment from the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund. What are your thoughts?

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Key take aways:

  • Kushner has no experience as a private equity manager.
  • Due diligence found his firm, Affinity Partners, “unsatisfactory in all aspects”.
  • A panel advising against the investment was overruled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
  • The firm will be charging a 1.25% asset management fee. A quarter point above the current industry standard.


What do you think of this investment by the Saudis in general? Will it pay dividends in the long term? What do you think of Jared’s turn into private equity? His business ventures to date haven’t been stellar. For those of you who specifically didn’t like the six figures Hunter Biden was bringing in from Ukraine annually, what do you make of the seven figure annual sweetener that Jared will make off this deal? Given the central role Jared played in the Trump administration and will likely play in Trump’s second term, is there any risk of a conflict of interest here?

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