MAGAThread: Election Defense Task Force – Call your State Reps, March For Trump December 12th in D.C., Stop The Steal!

★ Election Defense Task Force ★

★ Election Defense Task Force ★

It’s Time! Get involved! The fight for our country is now!


★ Contact your Representatives and GOP officials ★

Contact your local elected representatives and GOP officials. Applying pressure on our elected officials and party representatives will be essential in the Trump Campaign’s efforts in the State Legislatures and Courts. The Trump Campaign is looking to have State Legislatures submit their own electors per Article II of the constitution, as well as have Supreme Court weigh in on many cases [1] [2] [3]. Every state has representatives and officials that can help advance and strengthen these paths to victory.

Battleground states need to put pressure on their State Executives, State Legislature, Federal Legislature, and State GOP Officials. Even non-battleground states can apply pressure, particularly at the Federal Legislature, State Executive and State GOP Official levels.

Instructions for who to contact as well as what topics and talking points to address are on the State Wiki pages.

Battleground States: Arizona – Georgia – Michigan – Nevada – Pennsylvania – Wisconsin

Full State List


★ Attend Trump March in Washington D.C. on Dec 12 ★

Make plans to attend the March For Trump on Dec 12th in Washington DC! Make sure that you are checking your local battleground state for any upcoming Rallies, Marches or Protests.

Full List of all Upcoming Events


★ Switch to new media (leave Fox News) ★

Stop watching Fox News all-together. If you need to catch Tucker, Hannity, Jeanine or someone else, watch a 3rd party upload on Rumble or Bitchute. Outside of that, look to the following alternatives:

TV/Video: OANN, Newsmax, NTD, The Blaze, The First

Web/Print: Epoch Times, Just The News, Bongino Report, Town Hall, Judicial Watch

Radio: AM The Answer


★ Share information on fraud and irregularities on existing Social Media ★

We must remember that at this moment existing social media still presents the most valuable way of sharing information with large audiences. Big Tech is trying to censor us at every avenue, so we must keep plugging away and pushing past that censorship in order to reach the general public. Ultimately, their censorship acts as a Streisand Effect, sending people to the very information they try to censor. We need to continue flooding the truth on fraud out in social media so that both the information and censorship can not be ignored!

Monitor the Voter Fraud and Stop The Steal sections of our subreddit for new information, as well as check out Here Is The Evidence, How Joe “won” and our Dominion and Smartmatic write-up

Share this information across all of the top Social Media platforms in the US, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc.


★ Join new forms of Social Media ★

Check out new forms of social media, where censorship is not an issue and information can be shared more freely. While these platforms will be more welcoming, they currently have much smaller audiences, so remember to keep sharing all information on the existing Social Media platforms as well. These new platforms include:

Facebook/Twitter alternatives like: Parler & Gab

Youtube alternatives like: Rumble & Bitchute

Google alternatives like: DuckDuckGo

And others like: Ruqqus

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