MAGAThread: ELECTION DEFENSE TASK FORCE – January 6th Rally in D.C., Electoral College Update, Supreme Court Update. Lower Courts Update, Stop The Steal!

★ Election Defense Task Force ★

★ Election Defense Task Force ★

12/28/20 Update

– Supreme Court Update

– Lower Courts Update

– Elector College Update

– January 6th Rally in Washington D.C.

– Contact your Representatives and GOP Officials

– Switch to new media (leave Fox News)

– Share information on existing Social Media

– Join new Social Media


★ Supreme Court Update

  • Trump v. Boockvar, et al

Status: Open

Update: Response due 1/22/20 (Motion to expedite filed on 12/21/20)

  • Bognet, et al v. Boockvar, et al

Status: Open

Update: Response due on 12/28/20

  • Scarnati, et al v. Pennsylvania Democratic Party, et al

Status: Open

Update: DISTRIBUTED for Conference on 1/8/21

  • Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar, et al

Status: Open

Update: DISTRIBUTED for Conference on 1/8/21

  • Wood, Jr v. Raffensperger,et al

Status: Open

Update: Response due 1/11/21 (Motion to expedite filed on 12/8/20)

  • Kelly, et al v. Pennsylvania,et al

Status: Open

Update: Response due 1/14/21 (Motion to expedite filed on 12/11/20)

  • King, et al vs Whitmer, et al (MI Kraken)

Status: Open

Update: Response due 1/14/21 (Motion to expedite filed on 12/18/20)

  • Pearson, et al v. Kemp, et al (GA Kraken)

Status: Open

Update: Response due 1/14/21 (Motion to expedite filed on 12/18/20)

  • Ward v. Jackson, et al

Status: Open

Update: Response due 1/14/21 (Motion to expedite filed on 12/11/20)


★ Lower Courts Update

  • Georgia: Trump, el al v. Raffensperger, el al

Status: Open

Update: Oral arguments pending Pro Hac Vice admittance

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court: Trump, et al v. Evers, et al

Status: Open

Update: Ruling on Remittitur on 1/4/21

  • 7th Circuit Court of Appeals: Trump v. The Wisconsin Elections Commission, et al

Status: Open

Update: Appeal Brief filed 12/16/20

  • New Mexico: Trump v. Oliver, et al

Status: Open

Update: Reply due on 12/28/20


★ Electoral College Update

On December 14th, the GOP Parties of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all cast votes for a second slate of electors for Donald J. Trump, to be submitted to appropriate authorities for potential counting on January 6th.

By doing so, they have set up a situation where ongoing litigation in each state is allowed to continue forward. This also opens to door for a variety of scenarios come January 6ths Electoral College where Donald Trump could emerge the victor, including:

  • State Legislatures certifying the Trump electors, giving them precedent (per Article II).
  • Fraud and other irregularities tainting the State Executive certified electors.
  • Federal Legislatures rejecting State Executive certified electors.
  • Judicial Ruling vitiating State Executive certified electors.
  • Both sets of electors being denied on a variety of grounds

This could all result in Electoral Disputes similar to that of the 1876 Election, where neither candidate reaches the required electoral votes to have a majority. This could set up a Contingent Election, per the 12th Amendment.

In a Contingent Election, the House would vote on the President, with each State having one vote, and State’s votes being determined by the majority vote of the representatives in that state. The Vice-President would then be voted for by the Senate, with each Senator getting one vote each.

All of these scenarios mentioned are up for legal debate. In 1887, Congress passed the Electoral Count Act, attempting to establish within 3 U.S. Code § 15 that a State Executive is the final authority for a States Electors. Varying counter-arguments are made about the act’s legal ability to contradict the Constitution authority given to the Legislature [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6].


★ Attend the January 6th March For Trump

The Electoral College convenes on January 6th in Washington D.C. to count the votes and declare a winner. On this day (and on January 5th), Trump Supporters are showing up to put on the largest show of support in our nations history. We will rally and march through Washington D.C. to help encourage and support those who are making a constitutional stand to re-elect President Donald J. Trump. Be there! Come early!

In addition to that, there are some events taking place in battleground cities before January 6th.

March For Trump – Washington D.C. – January 6th

Battleground State Events


★ Contact your Representatives and GOP Officials

Most important of all, contact your local Elected Representatives and GOP Officials! Applying pressure on our elected officials and party representatives (especially our congress members) will be essential in the Trump Campaign’s efforts in the Electoral College and Courts. The Trump Campaign is looking to win via a variety of means at the Electoral College, as well as have Supreme Court weigh in on on a multitude of cases. Every state has representatives and officials that can help advance and strengthen these paths to victory.

Battleground states need to put pressure on their State Executives, State Legislature, Federal Legislature, and State GOP Officials. Non-battleground states need to apply pressure on their Federal Congress Members, State Executive and State GOP Official levels.

Instructions for who to contact as well as what topics and talking points to address are on the State Wiki pages linked here.

Battleground States: Arizona – Georgia – Michigan – Nevada – New Mexico – Pennsylvania – WisconsinFull

State List


★ Switch to new media (leave Fox News)

Stop watching Fox News all-together. If you need to catch Tucker, Hannity, Jeanine or someone else, watch a 3rd party upload on Rumble or Bitchute. Outside of that, look to the following alternatives:

TV/Video: OANN, Real America’s Voice, NTD, The Blaze, The First

Web/Print: Epoch Times, Just The News, Bongino Report, Town Hall, Judicial Watch

Radio: AM The Answer


★ Share Fraud Information on existing Social Media

We must remember that at this moment the existing social media still presents the most valuable way of sharing information with large audiences. Big Tech is trying to censor us at every avenue, so we must keep plugging away and pushing past that censorship with brute force so that we can reach the general public. Ultimately, their censorship acts as a Streisand Effect, sending people to the very information they try to censor. We need to continue flooding the truth on fraud out on social media so that both the information and censorship can not be ignored!

Share this information across all of the top legacy Social Media platforms in the US, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc.

Fraud Information:

  • Evidence Collection
  • Here Is The Evidence
  • How Joe “won”
  • Dominion and Smartmatic Report
  • Voter Fraud Posts


★ Join new forms of Social Media

Check out new forms of social media, where censorship is not an issue and information can be shared more freely. While these platforms will be more welcoming, they currently have much smaller audiences, so remember to keep sharing all information on the existing Social Media platforms as well. These new platforms include:

Facebook alternatives like: MeWe

Twitter alternatives like: Parler & Gab

Youtube alternatives like: Rumble

Google alternatives like: DuckDuckGo

And others like: Ruqqus

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