MN pedes wake up, time to vote out Omar(Actually “Elmi” since greencard-fraud)


You will see he is a Republican candidate. He is against the violence and BLM stuff that went on earlier this year. And amidst Jim O’keef’s expose on Elmi. You will see a vote for him is much needed and appreciated. I dont live IN this district but realize the trouble Elmi has caused as I am in a neighboring one to hers(I saw the smoke actually during the terrorist attacks).

From his site: “I support the Second Amendment. Guns don’t kill people, people do. Crime rates are rising — we have the right to protect our families, homes, and communities. Restricting access to guns only penalizes law-abiding citizens. The majority of gun-related crimes are committed by those who illegally possess firearms.” This will be a huge deterrent for terrorist activities in the district and also abides by the USC.

Also notable: “I will fight to reverse policies that encourage father absence in poor families. In Congress, I will advocate for acts such as the First and Second Step Act — which shorten mandatory minimums and help rehabilitate criminals that have paid their debt to society. I will work across party lines to fight for Criminal Justice Reform and reverse the damage imposed on our communities by unjust legislation such as the Crime Bill of 1994. I will bring investments and career opportunities into our communities that will lay the foundation for strong family units and wealth for generations to come. “

THis means he is AGAINST the nuclear-family destroying mandate BLM(and Feminism by proxy/directly) espouses.

Bring our 2A protections back, Bring fathers back, Bring Nuclear families back.

SemperFi and MAGA ON!

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