New season, new mods (again)!

Summer is dead, long live summer. We welcome autumn with pumpkin spice lattes, leaf piles, and (hopefully) a return to school for the young’uns.

We’d also like to welcome two new mods to the team: /u/weather3003 and /u/Gleapglop!

weather3003 decided that his vote wouldn’t matter as much in NY, so he’s identifying as a Floridian. Kidding. He’s eligible to vote there (born and raised). Gleapglop also hails from the state of Florida, was an Army medic, and is married with two kids (sorry ladies). I promise we didn’t discriminate against the other 49 states, or the rest of the world.

We thank everyone who applied for their interest and encourage those who didn’t make the cut this time to apply again next time. For reasons that are a complete mystery to me, jobs that are compensated in hate mail experience high attrition rates.

So please join me in welcoming our new additions, wishing them well, and not giving them (too much of) a hard time.

It’s been a year since this cohort, so I’m recycling the thread. (Don’t) sue me.

This thread will also double as the weekend free talk thread. Talk about anything that’s not related to politics or meta (other than saying hello to the new moderators). Rules 2 and 3 are suspended in this thread.

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