Ontario, Canada reported 466 new COVID cases today. Pennsylvania reported 5429. What, other than vaccinations, could account for this difference?

Please note that this is not meant to be a “gotcha”. I wholeheartedly would like to hear the POV of a Trump Supporter why Ontario is doing so well in comparison to other (namely US) states.

Some facts about the two locations:

Ontario Pennsylvania
Population 14.57M 12.8M
At least one vaccine 75.63% 72.1%
Fully vaccinated 70.8% 57%
Vaccine Passports Yes No
COVID Restrictions Yes* (see below for details) No

*Ontario does still have mask mandates and restrictions in place, but by-and-large they have returned to normal. The Toronto Maple Leafs are allowed up to 10,000 fans indoors and the Blue Jays can have up to 30,000. Indoor activities such as dining, movies, etc. are permitted with some mandates on capacity and/or vaccine passports.


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