r/donaldtrump Best of 2020 Nominations

Henlo fellow Trumpies! (inside joke from our discord) It’s been a wild year, to say the least. With the impeachment hoax witch hunt fizzling out, projection established (Where’s Hunter?), campaigning during COVID, the miraculous number of votes given to an old white man with clear signs of speech impairment at best and potential dementia at worst (pray for Joe and his health), the clear videos of suitcases, affidavits of dead people voting, mail in voter fraud, signatures not present/not matching, paid ballot harvesting, and on and on and on, we figured there is plenty of material here to have a best of 2020 nominating contest and end the year with some love and appreciation for one another.

Mods will make some top-level comments with categories you can nominate posts and comments for, and in January we’ll hand out some mod awards to the winners! The mod awards will be the equivalent of a platinum award and will grant users with a month of Reddit Premium!

PS, congrats on hitting 50k subs! We really started promoting and spreading this subreddit when there were only 7k, so we have come a long way!

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