Regarding info from the Facebook whistleblower, how do you feel about Facebook and it’s decision to perpetuate resentment and division through political information, by utilizing AI to cycle and push controversial content over anything else? Should the government step in to regulate these issues?

Frances Haugen had recently revealed internal documentation regarding Facebook and it’s effect on the media and social systems of the world. It’s been revealed that it uses AI to push and cycle articles that exist to insinuate violence and arguments, which in turn, leads to furthering our political divide. By refusing to regulate it’s platform, it allows misinformation to spread and has even been revealed that it has, through internal testing, lead to increased mental disorders in younger people, especially regarding body image, etc. It has been shown to accept profits over public safety, even knowing these issues.

With the recent Senate hearings, do you believe it would be okay for the government to step in to regulate this behavior? If not, is this acceptable for an organization as large as Facebook to do? How much of an impact do you think Facebook plays in propagating misinformation and animosity, especially between people on opposite sides of the political spectrum?

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