Should the President be the sole person that can unilaterally declassify government information?

I was thinking about this earlier, but let’s say we had a POTUS who planned on doing nefarious things after their Presidency and so they ordered that ALL classified and unclassified government data be digitally collected and transferred to their residence. This is a crazy example, but if the POTUS has the authority to declassify whatever they want, I don’t see how they could be stopped from doing this.

So, with this crazy scenario in mind, it made me ask the question, should the POTUS be able to do declassify everything unilaterally?

Or, let me give another more realistic scenario. Let’s say future President BillyBob sees a report regarding Russian operations in <insert country> and the report lists the real identities of American double agents. The POTUS wants to declassify the report and send it to the media, but his advisors tell him that in doing so those agents would be unmasked and likely targetted by Russian security forces/KGB. The POTUS doesn’t care and wants it immediately released anyway, is this in the best interest of the United States?

Or, maybe should their be some check on declassification that the POTUS wants to happen?

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