Shrimp Dicking Soyboys LARP as 400lb 4chan Hackers

LOL, so someone gained access to a reddit account in an attempt to, I don’t know, stop the most powerful man in the world from stomping Joe Biden into fucking dust like the fossil he is. Can you imagine? Can you imagine having so much bull semen backed up into your brain that you think deleting some posts on a website filled with mostly Chinese bots will do anything to stop the patriots of this great country from rubbing their taints across your commie faces?

Everything is restored. Remember to check your cyber and use 2FA when you can. You’ve got to have law and order, folks. Can’t have a website without law and order.

Edit: LMAO so the guy streamed his “hack” on some discord server. Here’s a screengrab if you want to see what we’re up against.

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