So, Zelensky is coming to Washington and the war has been going on for nearly 10 months. How do you view the war, the choices made by the Biden Administration, and the leadership of Ukraine?

Really what I am interested in is your general thoughts on the lead up to war, the conduct of the war, and the leadership of respective major players in the conflict. Here are some topics to guide your thoughts but if you want to bring in other aspects, feel free.

How do you think the Biden Administration has done at rallying support and giving aid to Ukraine?

Should the West look to give more or have they given too much already?

What do you think of Zelensky and his leadership of Ukraine?

Did you believe US intelligence in January and February when they predicted an invasion?

How did you think the war would go initially and how has your perspective changed over the course of the war?

What do you think the end of the war looks like? Russian collapse? Ukrainian collapse? Negotiated peace that favors one party or the other?

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