Thoughts on anti-corruption legislation put forth by the House?

The Protecting Our Democracy Act

This collection of bills includes a number of measures aimed at attacking corruption in Washington D.C. The following measures are included in the act:

  • Limiting the power of the president to offer clemency. Under the act, the president would be unable to pardon those who were charged for any crime in relation to an investigation for which the president or their family was a primary target. Also, the president would be unable to pardon themselves for any reason.
  • Allowing the President or Vice President to be charged with crimes committed before their tenure in office.
  • Allowing the House or Senate to enforce the foreign emoluments clause, and requires public disclosure of any possible foreign emoluments.
  • Requiring compliance for congressional subpoenas.
  • Restoring the “power of the purse” to congress, and limiting the authority of the executive branch to improperly withhold congressionally appropriated funds.
  • Improving checks and balances.
  • Requiring the Attorney General to keep a log of communications with members of the executive branch and submit that log to the Inspector General of the Department of Justice.
  • Limiting the power of the President to remove Inspectors General from their post.
  • Improving protections for whistleblowers.
  • Including harsher penalties for violating the Hatch Act and expands its jurisdiction to all employees of the White House, paid or unpaid, and all employees of the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President.
  • Requiring campaigns to report foreign contacts, and prohibits the use of foriegn money by a campaign.


How do you feel about these provisions, either together or individually?

Do you think corruption is a problem in American politics? If so, what should be done to stop it?

Would you support this legislation as it is right now? If not, what changes could be made to it to earn your support?

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