Thoughts on the arrest of Patriot Front members in Coeur D’Alene?

The small Republican-run town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho had a gay pride event today, as have many other cities across the country celebrating gay pride month this June. Members of the nationalist activist group Patriot Front were arrested by law enforcement on their way to counter-protest Coeur d’Alene’s “Pride in the Park”.

Patriot Front are known for their flash protests, including a march through Washington and numerous appearances at the annual pro-life rally March for our Lives.

They have a well established modus operandi of marching in rank with shields (and without offensive weapons) to avoid any physical confrontation, and a safe entry and exit in U-Haul trucks. None the less, and despite the fact that they have never been charged with a riot, the Republican sheriff has decided to charge every person with “conspiracy to riot”, using the shields as evidence. The names of many if not all of the detainees have subsequently been published by the media, and undoubtedly they will face real life consequences from their doxxing even if found completely innocent later in court.

Other counter-protesters to the “Pride in the Park” event have been detained as well, including a Christian preacher.

This comes as Republican Party mouthpieces such as Fox News are openly celebrating trans kids. Hosts praised the family’s ‘extraordinary courage’ in raising Ryland as a boy since the age of 5.


1) Why do Republican elected officials support events like “Pride in the Park” while detaining counter-protesters?

2) Is it still legal for nationalists like Patriot Front to peacefully protest? Does the first amendment apply to everyone in America?

3) Do Republicans still stand for traditional values, or have they adopted progressive social attitudes equivalent to the Democrats?

4) Do you “back the blue”?

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