Trump Supporters who are hesitant to receive one of the current mRNA shots and their boosters, would you be more open to taking a covid vaccine that was developed using a traditional, tried and true vaccine approach?

  • Additionally, if you were in a high risk group and felt you DID need a shot, which of the three current shots would you feel the most comfortable getting? Moderna, Pfizer, or JnJ?
  • TS who have gotten a shot, which shot did you get and why?

For example, Novavax is currently seeking FDA approval for its vaccine that is developed more like the Flu shot. It does not create “instructions.”

The Novavax approach is an injection of the spike protein itself, which is different from the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines which inject instructions so our cells can make the spike protein. Our experts stress that the protein on its own will not infect you with COVID-19.

“It’s a different type of vaccine though. Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA vaccines. This one is a protein subunit vaccine. It’s a type of vaccine that we have used for flu, hepatitis, and HPV in the past.”

Novavax Vaccine getting ready to apply for full approval – WDEF

The shot itself is also more effective than the current mRNA shots, while also providing higher protection against variants.

The mRNA vaccines delivered efficacy rates of 95 and 94 percent against the original coronavirus strain in Phase 3 trials, as compared with 96 percent for Novavax in its first trial, and now 90 percent against a mixture of variants.

NIH statement on it being effective (if for some reason government approval means shit to you at this point).

FYI, Novavax is developing a Flu/Covid19 hybrid shot for the future.

I personally will choose get this shot or a shot made in a similar manner when and if it becomes available in my location.

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