What are conservatives doing about pedophilia/abuse of power that has been going on within religious institutions?

I don’t actually know what the right thinks about this or if there has been any outcry against this sort of thing because I think I live in a left/centrist bubble with my friends and the media I consume.

I keep seeing these “drag shows are groomers” type of outrage from the right and this perpetual “the left are groomers and/or enablers” type thing but so far I’ve not heard any outrage against what happens at churches or outrage against pastors, youth leaders, religious schools, etc. I don’t know if I’m making up this narrative in my head, but it feels like criticizing the church seems to be off limits.

Has the right (sorry for generalizing here, but I think you know what I mean) been vocal about this sort of behavior and can you enlighten me as to where this outrage can be found?

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