What are your thoughts on Joe Biden’s DNC acceptance speech?

On his third attempt at securing a presidential nomination, Joe Biden was finally able to formally accept the nomination of the Democratic Party. His speech was closely scrutinized as evidence of what kind of candidate or president he might be.

In addition to your general thoughts, there are three subsections of questions I have: content, tone, and delivery.


Was there an appropriate amount of policy in it? How might those policy proposals affect the race? What do you think they tell us about his possible presidency?

What did you think about his attacks against Trump? Did they land? Will they resonate with voters? Did he strike a balance between attacks, plans, and personal history?


What emotional beat do you think worked best? Which failed? Did Biden manage to capture the mood of the nation? How does his tone compare to that of Trump’s speeches?

Did Biden sound “presidential” to you? Why/why not?

Do you think it appealed to the right constituencies? Who and why/why not?


This is the big one considering all the speculation about his mental fitness: how coherent and lucid did you find the speech? Was the delivery effective?

If you found it to be an effective delivery, does that put to bed the notion that he isn’t mentally competent? If not, why not?

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