What are your thoughts on the 2000 election results in relation to 2020?

After the Supreme Court stopped the recount in Florida, Al Gore lost the election to George Bush by a little over 500 votes. As with the 2020 election results, absentee ballots, election irregularities, and racial disparities were all highly scrutinized. Republican operatives dealt in some shenanigans, like the Brooks Brothers riot, but Democrats did little to challenge the most egregious irregularities, such as intentionally confusing ballots.

For those not familiar with the event, Wikipedia gives a perfectly nerdy play-by-play: source

Some follow-up questions to the one in the title:

  • Would you characterize this election as “stolen?”

  • If not, how is the situation different from the 2020 election?

Is bonus hypothetical: If Al Gore has refused to accept the results and, like Trump, kept hammering away in the courts and to the media, what do you think would have been different?

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