What are your thoughts on the Republican Primaries of Ohio and Indiana on May 3rd?

The title says it all, but for a little more information, the primaries on May 3rd will be the beginning of a series of Primary challenge in Which the GOP Establishment and Donald Trump’s wing of the party will be battling for control. Not everyone sees eye to eye with each endorsement of Donald Trump, therefore, it made sense to make individual posts regarding each of them


Trump has endorsed the following Candidate as Incumbents

  • Troy Balderson OH-12
  • Mike Carey OH-15
  • Steve Chabot OH-01
  • Warren Davidson OH-08
  • Bill Johnson OH-06
  • Jim Jordan OH-04
  • Brad Wenstrup OH-02

But he also has endorsed two candidate for open seats Madison Gesiotto for District 13, and Max Miller for District 07

Max Miller was meant to challenge Gonzales in the district 16, however due to redistricting, the district no longer exists and Gonzales has decided not to run after impeaching Donald Trump.

What are your thoughts on Max Miller and Madison Gesiotto, were they judicious choices by Trump for Endorsement, or do other candidates line up better with your values ?

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