What are your thoughts on the US trading Britney Griner for Russian arms dealer Victor Bout?


Britney Griner was arrested in Russia on February 7, 2022, smuggling weed into the US. She has since been tried and convicted in a Russian court and sentenced to a little under a decade at a labor camp.

Now, the State Department has secured her release and return to the United States in exchange for us releasing convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout “The Merchant of Death” (the inspiration for the movie Lord of War) from federal custody and returning him to Russia less than halfway through his 25-year sentence for conspiring to sell weapons to a terrorist group.

Criticism has come up over the choice to free Griner over the US servicemen that have been held hostage for much longer.

What are your thoughts on the trade?

Does it reveal anything about each of the countries?

What political ramifications will happen as a result of the trade?

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