What could Biden have done differently in his Philadelphia speech to communicate his message better?

TO CLARIFY: The message I think Biden was trying to communicate is that democracy is in danger due to Trump and Trump allies attempting to take control of the checks in the US democratic system.

I’m sure some disagree with this message, that is okay and out of the scope of this thread. I am just asking about the communication of this message and how it could have been done better.

IMO Biden’s message was severely weakened by the political appearance of the speech, him saying particular policies (eg. Anti-abortion) were inherently extreme, and him trying to lump in all Trump supporters as extremists (a position that he tried to walk back the following day).

How can democrats (or republicans) who have these concerns outlined above get this message across without it being as much of a sh*t show as Biden’s speech was?

The speech: https://www.c-span.org/video/?522563-1/president-biden-calls-americans-defend-threats-democracy

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