What do you think about universal free school meals ending?


Some excerpts:

The first Covid-19 aid package, which was signed into law by then-President Donald Trump, gave USDA the authority to waive a slew of regulations, allowing schools for the first time to serve free meals to all students, regardless of income. That authority is now set to expire on June 30.

Schools whose nutrition programs feed millions of kids daily are in a tailspin after expecting an extension for another year. The flexibility allowed an additional 10 million students to eat free meals at school each day.

Democrats and a long list of school groups are pointing at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for taking a hardline stance against extending the waivers.

The aide noted the Biden administration did not include the ask in its formal budget requests and suggested an extension — which would have cost $11 billion — was never seriously considered in spending bill talks. The aide said blaming Republican leadership was “absurd.”

“President Biden submitted a $22 billion Covid supplemental request for the [omnibus spending bill] with not a mention of USDA or nutrition,” the aide said. “So there was no proposal for anyone to block. These were designed as ‘temporary’ Covid measures.”

How do you feel about this ending?

Regardless of who you blame/credit for ending it, what do you think about providing free school lunches in general?

Do you think society has any shared interest in well-nourished children at school?

In addition:

This new landscape with restricted access to free meals will be especially tough on children in rural communities, she added.

Whites make up nearly 80 percent of the rural population, can this be considered a racist policy?

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