What do you think of Joe Manchin’s “compromise” voter right’s bill?

Senator Joe Manchin seems to have been taken by surprise that a “compromise” voter rights bill that he wrote in order to appeal to both parties. It has been blocked by Senate Republicans.

The changes it proposes are:

  • Make election day a public holiday(New)
  • Mandate at least 15 consecutive days of early voting for federal elections (include 2 weekends)
  • Ban partisan gerrymandering and use computer models(New)
  • Require voter ID with allowable alternatives (utility bill, etc.) to prove identity to vote (New)
  • Automatic registration through DMV, with option to opt out.
  • Require states to promote access to voter registration and voting for persons with disabilities and older individuals.
  • Prohibit providing false information about elections to hinder or discourage voting and increases penalties for voter intimidation.
  • Require states to send absentee by mail ballots to eligible voters before an election if voter is not able to vote in person during early voting or election day due to eligible circumstance and allow civil penalty for failure.(New)
  • Require the Election Assistance Commission to develop model training programs and award grants for training.
  • Require states to notify an individual, not later than 7 seven days before election, if his/her polling place has changed .Absentee ballots shall be carried expeditiously and free of postage. Require the Attorney General to develop a state-based response system and hotline that provides information on voting.
  • Allow for maintenance of voter rolls by utilizing information derived from state and federal documents.
  • Establish standards for election vendors based on cybersecurity concerns.
  • Allow provisional ballots to count for all eligible races regardless of precinct.

What do you think of this bill? Which of the above are bad ideas?

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