What do you think of the claims laid out in 2000 Mules?

Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary film about the 2020 election depicts a private data analysis operation that purports to have identified tens of thousands of so-called “mules” who ferried ballots between left-aligned non-profit groups and ballot dropboxes in various swing-state cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta and Detroit.

The bottom line claim being that the titular “2000 Mules” amounted to 2,000 individuals in swing-state cities who can be shown – by tracking their cell phone location pings – to have traveled on routes that took them to more than 10 ballot dropbox locations -AND- liberal non-profit organizations in the course of a single 24-hour period – ostensibly for the purpose of picking up ballots from a cache stored at these agencies and dispersing them to dropboxes as a service for which the mule was financially compensated – a factor which would make the act a crime and render the ballot illegal.

  • 6-minute highlight edit of the film
  • Watch the full film here

The conclusion drawn in the film is that even this conservative estimate – for the same data also identifies an even higher number of “mules” who visited fewer than 10 dropbox locations as well – calls into question the legitimacy of Biden’s 2020 win and subsequent accession to the Presidency.

What do you think about:

  1. this conclusion
  2. about the methodology used to arrive at it
  3. about the combined strength (or weakness) of the video/cell data evidence, and
  4. about whether or not the phenomena captured in the videos shown in the film should be investigated by local, state and federal law enforcement?

Thank you!

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