What do you think of Trump’s proposal to prevent school shootings?

The former president’s recent NRA speech included a number of proposals to increase school security.

Here’s what he said about increasing physical security:

“What we need now is a top to bottom security overhaul at schools all across our country. Every building should have a single point of entry. There should be strong exterior fencing, metal detectors, and the use of new technology to make sure that no unauthorized individual can ever enter the school with a weapon. No one should ever be able to get anywhere near a classroom until they have been checked, scanned, screened, and fully approved, so important. In addition, classroom doors should be hardened to make them lockable from the inside and closed to intruders from the outside.”

Trump wants “good guys with a gun” on guard all the time:

“And above all, from this day forward every school in America should have a police officer or an armed resource officer on duty at all times.”

And he’s proposing that classroom teachers should be able to carry firearms:

“it’s time to finally allow highly trained teachers to safely and discreetly concealed carry. Let them concealed carry. And again, they have to be able to handle it, they have to be highly trained, all of those things, but let them do that. It would be so much better and so much more effective even from a cost standpoint.

How do you feel about these proposals? Are they practical, and affordable? Would they be effective?

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