What is the cost of being a Trump Supporter?

During the late Bush/early Obama years I was in college and an economics professor posed this question to the class-

What is the cost of a political philosophy?

Most of the class being liberal, it was pretty interesting to see that most ‘costs’ for liberals stated turned out to be ‘benefits’ such as reduction of carbon emissions, healthcare for all, integration into the global economy, ect. (it was pointed out eventually some ‘costs’ would be increases in gas prices, socialization of medical costs would raise taxes, American hegemony could be compromised in a global integration effort, ect).

On the other hand, many of the ‘costs’ for conservatives were actual ‘costs’ or ‘negatives’- more homogeneous and repressed society, inhibiting scientific advancement while promoting a religious agenda, inflated military costs at the expense of social programs, ect.

I think that many of the students (me included) believed they had a better understanding of what were the negatives of a conservative philosophy as opposed to a liberal philosophy- they knew what the other side could offer down the road but did not really think through of consequences of their own ideology.

So in your opinion, what do you think is the costs of the political philosophy of the Trump Supporter?

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