What is your opinion of Donald Trump’s SuperPAC, and how it chooses to spend, or not spend, donated funds?

Save America is a superpac formed by Donald Trump. It’s registered with the SEC, and reports its spending monthly. Most recent disclosure here.

In total, the superpac has $105,445,452.02 on hand as of the most recent reports. This year, it has raised $18,481,285.69, and spent $24,700,161.86.

In July 2022, the month the most recent expenditures report details, the Save America SuperPAC has spent $3,975,195.65. $3,125,179.65 of this was operating expenses, and refunded contributions (they had to refund $16.00 this reporting period). Operating expenses includes $952,224.24 in fees paid for “legal consulting”, and the rest is devoted to other expenses, such as fees for other types of consulting, payroll, office supplies, transportation, etc. In addition to the $3.1 million in operating expenses, the Superpac has made $850,000 in donations/contributions to other organizations, which are listed on page 114 of the pdf for the most recent monthly report, linked above. $650,000.00 of the donations were to the Smithsonian Institution to pay for Former President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s presidential/first lady portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, The remaining $200,000 was disbursed to a political group called Arizona First. (Full disclosure on Arizona First: I haven’t been able to find out what their exact cause is. I assume given the name and the fact that they have received money from Save America that they are a conservative/MAGA aligned political action committee focused on Arizona politics. But if anyone can provide more information, I will be happy to edit this post to include it). I’ve tried to identify the pertinent expenses, and not bore you with a list of uber rides, plane tickets, and trips to office depot, but of course, my perspective is as a non-supporter, so I invite you to give the expenditures a look over yourself.

Also, I’ve provided the most recent months expenses, but hopefully that doesn’t limit discussion to just this month.

My questions are as follows:

Have you ever donated to Save America? (I believe most donations to trump end up going to it).

Are you satisfied with how Save America is spending money?

If not satisfied, what actions or expenditures would you prefer the organization take?

Are there any expenditures you are aware of that you wish the SuperPAC didn’t take?

(Reason for edit: clarified and removed some editorialzing). (Second Edit: First edit accidentally classified the $850,000 in donations as part of the $3.1 million operating expenses. This has been corrected to confirm that the $850,000 in donations made were on top of operating expenses.)

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